How We Fix America — Self Study

Get the Most Out of Your Self-Study!

As in a study group, we highly recommend you go through the course with the person or persons most important to you. This is because the How We Fix America Course is designed to challenge your thinking, and quite possibly change your point of view. Not only is it more fun to go through the course with those closest to you — and you can talk about the ideas together — it will also help you learn and grow together.

Also, at the end of each lesson, there are questions for you to discuss. Obviously, discussion questions work better if you’re doing them with someone else! 😀

At the Very Beginning

The very first thing you’ll want to do — even before you start reading — is to take the “Thinking About America” Pre-Course Questionnaire, downloadable here.

You can either print the Questionnaire out, or check the boxes while using your computer. If you check the boxes while using your computer, you should be able to save the modified file containing your answers — but it doesn’t hurt to print it out, just in case!

You can also make copies of the PDF, and rename each copy for a different person.

The “Thinking About America” Questionnaire asks about how important you feel different issues are that we face as a nation. There aren’t any right or wrong answers — it’s just to measure where your opinions and priorities at the beginning of the course.

You’ll want to take the same Questionnaire a second time once you complete the course. Then you can compare your before-and-after answers to get an idea of how your ideas might have changed as a result of going through the course.

Studying the Course

Feel free to study the course at your own pace. There are lessons number 1 through 13, but the additional material after Lesson 13 really makes up a 14th lesson, so I’d say there are 14 lessons in all.

One idea is to study one lesson a day. Depending on the length of your lunch break, you might even be able to do so over lunch. With this approach, since there are 14 lessons, you can complete the course in two weeks — if you go seven days a week — or in two and a half weeks if you only do weekdays.

But you don’t have to go on that schedule! Go as slow or as fast as you want.

It’s even possible to go through the course in a single day — if you prefer the intensive route!

At the End of the Course

When you’ve finished the book, you’ll want to do two or three more things.

First, you’ll want to retake the “Thinking About America” questionnaire, to see how your priorities might have changed.

Secondly, you’ll want to take the Final Check-Up. This is downloadable here.

Once you’ve taken this, you can check your answers against mine. We’re not looking for exact matches here — just the general idea. For every question you’ve gotten generally correct, give yourself two points.

There are 51 questions, so if you get them all right, you can get a 102!

Third, email me at:, and I’ll send you a Certificate of Completion. Just let  me know you’ve completed the course. Be sure to give me any feedback you may have — you can use our fillable Course Feedback Form — and tell me how you did on the Final Check-Up, and how the course may have changed your point of view.

And be sure to visit, to get ongoing news and important developments.

That’s it! Enjoy the course!